clut|ter «KLUHT uhr», noun, verb.
1. a number of things scattered or left in disorder; litter; confusion: »

It was hard to find the lost pen in the clutter of his desk.

2. a confused noise; loud clatter; hubbub.
3. images of interference on radar: »

They will also study “clutter” on radar screens—false signals caused by clouds, rain, patches of warm and cool air, high buildings, and even birds (London Times).

1. to litter with things in confusion: »

Her desk was all cluttered with old papers, strings, and other odds and ends.

2. to throw into mental confusion and disorder: »

She cluttered her mind with trivialities.

1. to make a confused noise; clatter loudly.
2. to run in crowded and bustling disorder.
3. to run together; collect; crowd.
[apparently a variant of clotter < clot]

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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